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Special Events

USINDO Special Events are half-day or full-day events where participants examine major trends in the United States and Indonesia, welcome newly assigned Ambassadors/special envoys to each country, or explore core political and economic developments in US and Indonesia. These events bring Indonesians, Americans, and other scholars together to discuss in-depth topical issues. The Society is also humbled to work in a concerted joint effort with other NGOs, both Indonesian and American, to carry out these events.

Developing Indonesia’s Alternative Energy: Policy and Practical Implications

February 22, 2011

Indonesia’s economic growth requires not only increases in the supply of energy, but also wisdom in the use of its energy resources in a sustainable way.   Recognizing the need for more investment in sustainable energy development, the government has begun providing financial incentives for renewable energy, and opening of opportunities to foreign investors. Strategic Risk…

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Emerging Indonesia: Development & Democracy in Southeast Asia's Largest Middle Income Country

February 14, 2011

Indonesia has made remarkable progress since the 1998 economic and political crises. It is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, with a vibrant democracy and an impressive track record in reducing poverty. Indonesia has weathered the more recent global financial crisis relatively unscathed and is enjoying increasing investor confidence and the benefits of recent movements…

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Freedom of Expression and Press Freedom in Indonesia

February 7, 2011

Program Note: As we now have a second speaker, Endy M. Bayuni, Former Editor-in-Chief of the Jakarta Post, the February 15 Open Forum will be a panel discussion on the status of freedom of expression in Indonesia, including an update on press freedom.   Please join us on February 15 for an informative discussion, including Q…

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Democracy Support in Indonesia's Foreign Policy

January 28, 2011

Featured Speaker: The Honorable Hassan Wirajuda Former Foreign Minister of Indonesia Contributor: Ketut Putra Erawan Executive Director, Institute for Peace and Democracy Introductory Remarks by David Merrill, President, USINDO Moderated by Paul Rowland, Resident Senior Director for Indonesia, NDI Indonesia has assumed an active role in promoting democratic governance in Asia.  As part of this…

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