Building U.S.-Indonesia Mutual Understanding Since 1994


An intensive 10-week language & culture studies fellowship held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for U.S. university students and recent graduates.


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“It’s hard to describe the fascination that I felt while learning Bahasa Indonesia. As each new word and new sound settled under my tongue and in the back of my throat, street signs and books suddenly came alive. People’s speech became animated as I listened to them day after day. This was my first time learning another language. Meanings of things expanded as I learned new grammars. Spaces that were indescribable became more vibrant as I appreciated their refusal to fit inside syntax. It was a beautiful experience where I gained new words and new experiences for which there are no words.”

– Annemarie Nicole DiCamillo, 2018 Summer Studies Participant


“Before USINDO I was unsure about my future path. I had always had an interest in Southeast Asia, but hadn’t had a lot of exposure to the region outside of an academic setting. …USINDO helped me overcome this in two major ways. First, it gave me experience out in the field through my volunteering program. With SHEEP I was able to go out to villages around Jogja, and, while not explicitly food security projects, each of the projects focused on different aspects of economic development to overcome the challenges faced by the individual villages. Secondly, USINDO allowed me to explore my own network and meet people who work in field related to my interests, mainly through my time in Jakarta over the Eid Break and during the post-program.”

– Jared Schwartz, 2018 Summer Studies Participant


“USINDO Summer Studies has been the experience of a lifetime. I have learned more about Indonesia and myself than I ever thought I would this summer! I’ve come to know some of the most amazing people and seen some of the most beautiful things during these past two months, and I will never forget all of the memories. I will never forget this experience in Indonesia. The people I’ve met and the things I’ve experienced have changed me forever. Thanks for the best summer ever, USINDO Summer Studies.”

– Colton Getter, 2018 Summer Studies Participant


“What I found waiting for me was a entirely new adventure. The sights, the sounds, the history, the people, the food… everything was different from what I had experienced in any other country I had visited. Although there was a bit of a learning curve at first because I knew zip-zero-null of the language, I found myself excited to wake up the next day to a variety of stories waiting to told and lived. …Indonesia for me was some of the new “places and faces” that I had met this summer. I feel that Although it sounds odd, I feel I am a better and bigger person because of what I was able to be a part of this summer via USINDO in Indonesia. I will never regret travelling here, and would not regret going again.”

– Garrett Giblette, 2018 Summer Studies Participant