YSEALI Professional Fellows Program

USINDO in cooperation with the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) and U.S. State Department announced the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Professional Fellows Program. The YSEALI program strengthens leadership development and networking in ASEAN,  deepens engagement with young leaders on key regional and global challenges,  and strengthens people-to-people ties between the United States and young Southeast Asian leaders.

Responding to priorities from youth in the ASEAN region, YSEALI programs focus on four themes:

– Economic Development & Entrepreneurship,
– Environmental Protection,
– Education, and
– Civic Engagement.

The Professional Fellows Program (PFP) focused on legislative process and governance for young political and policy leaders from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States. The program will provide the fellows with an in-depth, hands-on knowledge of the U.S.’ political processes, as well as strengthen their understanding of American governance, politics, and the legislative process.

As an in-country partner organization of ACYPL, USINDO will disseminate the program information to prospective individuals and institutions (national and local parliaments and governments, NGOs, INGOs, political parties, academics, media, civil societies, etc), as well as work closely with both ACYPL and the U.S. Embassy in the selection process, visa application and pre-departure briefing.


Program Overview

The international fellows from each country will travel to Washington, DC for a five-day program orientation and federal government overview as well as cultural outings. Then, each fellow will participate in a four-week intensive fellowship in a separate political, policy, or civil society office with day-to-day mentoring and guidance from a single point of contact, their fellowship host. The fellows will meet their American mentor, an ACYPL alumni, to attend meetings pertaining to current events in the area, and together will develop a specific project or action plans to be conducted in the fellows’ home country. At the conclusion of the program, all international fellows will return to Washington, DC for a three-day Professional Fellows Congress where they will interact and share their experiences with other international fellows from different programs.

Upon returning to their home countries, international fellows will work with their American mentors to create a 7-10 day program in which the American mentor will visit each of fellows’ places of employment to learn more about what they do, assist in the continuing implementation of their project, meet with local leaders, as well as enjoy cultural outings.

Call for Applications: YSEALI Professional Fellows Program Fall 2017

USINDO is pleased to announce the application process and deadlines for the Fall 2017 Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Professional Fellows ProgramThe program will be held from October 7 – November 17, 2017. The deadline for application submission is on April 14, 2017.

Eligibility Requirements

– Between the ages of 25-35

– Fluent in oral and written English

– Provide a comprehensive, well-conceived written framework for a project to be refined and implemented with input and assistance of an American mentor in their home country

– Self-directed and able to work effectively in cross-cultural settings

– Demonstrated commitment to public service

– Leadership potential in the government, private sector, or civil society

– Committed to organizing a 7-10 day program in their country for an American mentor

– May not hold a dual-US citizenship or have traveled on a J-1 VISA for a Department of State sponsored program in the past two years.

Application Instructions and Deadline:

The application is accessible through ACYPL’s website. Kindly note, we do not accept direct or hard copy submission.

Eligible candidates are required to submit the completed application form by April 14, 2017, the latest. An incomplete or late submission will not be considered. If you were recommended or learned about this program from USINDO (ACYPL’s in-country program partner), please indicate it in the application form.

Only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the panel consists of representatives from ACYPL, U.S. Embassy, and USINDO.

Should you have any further inquiries and questions, please contact Mr. Elliot Bell-Krasnerat Ebkrasner@acypl.org or Ms. Kaylee Boalt at Kboalt@acypl.org or by phone at +(1) 202.857.0999.

Past Fellows:

YSEALI PFP 2017 (Spring)

1. Abi Marutama
          Advocate, Young Voices Indonesia/Cheshire Foundation

2. Aprisal W. Malale
          Business Process Analyst, Indonesia Ministry of Finance

3. Muhammad Buharto
          Program Facilitator, Sunspirit for Justice & Peace

4. Nurul Komalasari
          State Auditor, Indonesia Supreme Audit Board


YSEALI PFP Follow-On Program 2017 American Mentors to Indonesia

1. Brette McSweeney
         President, Eleanor’s Legacy

2. Jake Agliata
         Outreach Coordinator, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

3. Kaitlyn Boecker
         Policy Coordinator, Drugs Policy Reform

4. Ariel Shaker Brown
         Operations Officer, Partnership for Transparency Fund

5. Becky Rafter
          Executive Director, Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions


YSEALI PFP 2016 (Fall)

1. Suwarti Ningsih Kamondo
         Economic Development and Fundraising Director, Sikola Mombine

2. Erasmus A. Todo
         Program Manager, Institute for Criminal Justice Reform

3. Purnomo S. Pringgodigdo
         Coordinator of Legal, Human Resources, Organization and Supervision Division, General Election Commission in Surabaya


YSEALI PFP 2016 (Spring)

1. Lalola Easter
         Researcher, Indonesia Corruption Watch

2. Gema Satria Mayang Sedyadi
         Junior Researcher, The SMERU Research Institute

3. Maria Agatha Rina Widiastuti
         Aide to Head of DPRD Yogyakarta


YSEALI PFP Follow-On Program 2016 American Mentors to Indonesia

1. Matt Summy
         Vice President, ComCast

2. Steve Gershone
         Principal Policy Aide, Board of Commissioners of Hennepin County, Minnesota

3. Chas Anderson
        Co-Founder, Partner & Senior Advisor, MZA+CO


YSEALI PFP 2015 (Fall)

1. Siska Haryani
         Foreign Relations Expert to the Chairman of  People’s Consultative Assembly (DPD)

2. Jensi Sartin
         Program Development Manager, Publish What You Pay Indonesia

3. Gigih Septianto
        Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Charity LightsYSEALI PFP 2015 (Spring)


YSEALI PFP 2015 (Spring)

1. Hans Jong
          Reporter, the Jakarta Post

2. Elisabet Jupesta (view testimonial here)
          Legal Counsel, Technip Indonesia

3. Denni Nurdwiansyah
          Assistant Director and Head of Programs SAMPAN/Friends of Coastal Communities

4. Lia Wulandari Sukirman (view testimonial here)
          Program Manager, Research and Advocacy, Perludem Association for Election and Democracy