ACYPL – USINDO Exchange Program

USINDO in cooperation with American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) announced an exchange program for young American and Indonesian political leaders. ACYPL Exchange Program aims to deepen delegates’ knowledge on politics,  economy, and education as well as to strengthen their leadership and public diplomacy skills. Delegations are comprised of young political leaders, ages 25 to 40, who are selected based on their current political leadership roles and potential for future achievement.

During the program, delegates meet and interact with national, regional, and local government officials, as well as corporate and policy makers to explore politics, governance and policy making process, including strategy and message development, policy formulation, fundraising, field organization, polling, advertising, media, and technology. The delegates will also meet and share ideas with community leaders and ACYPL alumni who work and serve in state legislature. Besides meeting with politicians and leaders, the delegates will engage in local cultural activities.

As an in-country partner organization of ACYPL, USINDO will disseminate the program information to prospective individuals and institutions (national and local parliaments and governments, NGOs, INGOs, political parties, academics, media, civil societies, etc), as well as work closely with both ACYPL and the U.S. Embassy in the selection process, visa application and pre-departure briefing.


American delegates visit meet with DKI Jakarta’s governor, Basuki Thaja Purnama, in August, 2015


Past Programs

Documentation of past programs can be accessed here.

Indonesians to the United Sates

In August 2014, the Indonesian delegates joined other delegates from Malaysia and the Philippines to observe and participate in U.S. government and mid-term election-related activities in Washington D.C., before continuing with the state and local visits in Montgomery, Alabama and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The selected delegates were:

1. Enggar Feri Wibowo Sugiharto
           International Cooperation Officer, Jakarta Provincial Government

2. Firliana Purwanti
          Member of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Committee, DPP Partai Demokrasi

3. Muhammad Maskuruddin Hafid
          Deputy National Coordinator of the People’s Voter Education Network/Jaringan Pendidikan untuk Pemilih Rakyat (JPPR)

In November 2012, The Indonesian delegations together with delegations from Malaysia, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, and Samoa went to Washington D.C. and Colorado.

The selected delegates were:

1. Bima Arya Sugiarto
          Mayor of Bogor City, West Java; Former Chairman of Political Communication, Central Executive Board, PAN

2. Nusron Wahid Khuzairi
          Head, Central Committee of Nahdatul Ulama (PBNU); Former Member of Parliament from PKB

3. Fairuz Syafari
          Program Officer, Indonesian Electoral Commission, West Sumatera

4. Sulastio
          Director, Indonesia Parliamentary Center

Americans to Indonesia

USINDO hosted seven young American political and policy leaders from August 20-24, 2015 in Jakarta and Bandung.

The seven selected delegates were:

1. Valerie Dowling (Republican)
          Director of Women’s Programs, Republican National Committee (DC)

2. Sheila Bush (Republican)
          Executive Director, Wyoming Medical Society (WY)

3. The Honorable Jenni Tan (Democrat)
         Member of West Linn City Council (Oregon)

4. Pete Nemeth (Democrat)
         Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Comcast Cable

5. Kate Sheerin (Democrat)
          Public Policy and Government Affairs Analyst, Google, Inc. (DC)

6. Matthew Haney (Democrat)
         Vice President, San Francisco Unified School District (CA)

7. Chris Hosek (Republican)
          Principal, Texas Star Alliance (TX)