USINDO strongly supports the efforts of both governments to embark on a U.S.-Indonesia “Comprehensive Partnership”, the first in the 60 year history of the bilateral relationship. Ever since it was first proposed by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at a USINDO event in 2008, USINDO has worked diligently to support the people-to-people aspect of the partnership. USINDO has supported this aspect by engaging the non-government sector in the development of partnership priorities, the enunciation of partnership goals, and the advancement of partnership activities through conferences, open forums, public speeches, and a delegation of higher education leaders. Please see below for more information on these events.

The Partnership was first proposed by Indonesian President Yudhoyono at a USINDO event in November of 2008. In his speech, President SBY noted that “[the Partnership] has to bring about mutual and real benefit for our peoples. It has to be for the long-term, and have strong people-to-people content.” Secretary of State Clinton committed the U.S. in February 2009 to “working with Indonesia to pursue such a partnership with a concrete agenda.”

At a USINDO event in March 2010, Indonesian Foreign Minister Natalegawa noted that the Partnership should cover a range of sectors critical to Indonesian’s long-term development: education, science and technology, trade and investment, energy, food security, security, good governance, environment, and health. In his speech, Dr. Natalegawa again noted the importance of the people-to-people content: “Not least, such partnership includes a key element: people-to-people relations and the related soft-power diplomacy.” And in April 2010, Indonesian Vice President Boediono reaffirmed at a USINDO lunch that the outcome is expected “to usher in new era of partnership – equal partnership – between Indonesia and America,” and one that will “contribute to the stability of the region and the world.”

In a joint press release in June of 2010, the Comprehensive Partnership was defined as “a long-term commitment by Presidents Obama and Yudhoyono to broaden, deepen and elevate bilateral relations between the United States and Indonesia. It recognizes the global significance of enhanced cooperation between the world’s second and third largest democracies, the tremendous possibilities for economic and development cooperation, and the importance of fostering exchanges and mutual understanding between two of the world’s most diverse nations.”

Please see below for more information about USINDO Partnership events and resources, and related news articles and government releases.

USINDO Comprehensive Partnership Reports:

Conference: The 2009 U.S. – Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership:
Engaging the Non-Government Sector, April, 2009

Delegation: The U.S. Higher Education Leaders’ Mission to Indonesia, July, 2009

Open Forum: The Role of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Addressing Climate Change in Indonesia: Policy Recommendations for the United States and Indonesia, July, 2009

Conference: The 2009 U.S. – Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership: Engaging the Non-Government Sector, October, 2009

Open Forum: Civil Society and Government Relations in the Post Reformasi Indonesia: Preliminary Observations, January, 2010

Open Forum: U.S. – Indonesian Relations on the Move: President Obama’s Upcoming Trip to Indonesia and the planned United States – Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership, February, 2010

Conference: The 2010 Indonesia-United States Comprehensive Partnership, March, 2010

Gala: A New Era in U.S. – Indonesia Relations featuring Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa and Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, March, 2010

Gala: A New Era in U.S. – Indonesia Relations featuring Indonesian Vice President Boediono, April, 2010

Comprehensive Partnership Resources:

President Jokowi Visit Fact Sheet : Enduring Partners: Indonesia and the United States, October 7, 2015

Remarks at the Fourth Annual U.S.-Indonesia Joint Commission Meeting with Foreign Minister Natalegawa, February 17,2014

U.S. Department of State Fact Sheet: Indonesia-U.S. Fourth Joint Commission Meeting, February 17, 2014

Joint Declaration on the Comprehensive Partnership Between the United States of America and the Republic of Indonesia

Remarks at the Third Annual U.S.-Indonesian Joint Commission Meeting, September 20, 2012

U.S. Department of State Fact Sheet: Indonesia-U.S. Third Joint Commission Meeting, September 20, 2012

USINDO Comprehensive Partnership Final Report: Non-Government Sector Findings and Recommendations from USINDO Comprehensive Partnership Forums, Workshops, and Conferences

USINDO April 2009 Conference Report: The U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership – Engaging the Non-Government Sector

Speech by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at USINDO, November 2008

Speech by Vice President Boediono at USINDO, April 2010

Speech by Foreign Minister Natalegawa at USINDO, March 2010

Information on the Comprehensive Partnership:

U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership Fact Sheet, October 8, 2013

U.S. Government Education Partnership Fact Sheet, June 2010

USAID Information on the Partnership

Press releases: June 27, 2010 : The U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership

Article: A Bottom-up approach to U.S. – Indonesia Ties by Michael Carowitz

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Report: Center for a New American Security: Crafting a Strategic Vision – A New Era of U.S. – Indonesia Relations by Abraham M. Denmark with Rizal Sukma and Christine Parthemore