Bryan Averbuch

My name is Bryan Averbuch, and I’m from Seattle, Washington. As an Army brat, I was raised in Southern Germany, D.C., and North Carolina. After high school, I spent a few years backpacking, volunteering, and roaming the world. Along the way, in places as far apart as Haiti, Seoul, and Petra, I got interested in all the fascinating and diverse non-Western histories that we hadn’t learned about in school. After wearing out several pairs of boots and sandals on the road, I signed on for college at the University of Washington, where I studied Journalism, Arabic, Persian, and the Silk Road. While at UW, I had the good fortune to study abroad in Granada, Samarkand, Cairo, and Istanbul, and decided to pursue a career in history and archaeology. Currently, I’m a PhD student at Harvard University, in the interdisciplinary program on History and Cultures of the Islamic World. My main focus is Indonesia, Maritime Southeast Asia, and the History of the Spice Trade, and I’m writing my dissertation on the latter topic. Outside the classroom, I enjoy scuba diving, good food, Turkish coffee, listening to all kinds of music, reading anything under the sun, writing, spending time with friends, and playing Capoeira. My most recent New Year’s resolution, made aboard a wooden ship in the Indian Ocean, was to learn to sail. My parents, sister, and little nephews all live in Seattle, where I can often be found during breaks from school in Boston!