Alyson Stawick

Hello USINDO Summer Studies Cohort 2010! I’m Aly, and I’m a recent graduate of the University of Michigan (May 2010), where I studied Socio-Cultural Anthropology and Southeast Asia. My particular academic interests include the relationship between religion and the state, specifically political Islam in Indonesia and the rise of Charismatic Christianity in Singapore. I hope to use my soon-to-be-had Indonesian language skills as a Foreign Service officer at the US Department of State, and then eventually in my research at graduate school. Although I literally just graduated and moved back home to Philadelphia last week, I’ve been spending my newly found free time catching up on current events, watching episodes of Arrested Development while unpacking, and spending time with friends before leaving for Bangkok and Indonesia. I am very excited to meet you all and to return to the swelteringly hot, but vibrant city that is Jogja!