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  • USINDO Conference on Jokowi Admin

  • Speech by General Luhut Pandjaitan Panorama

  • Prasodjo Indonesia’s Economic and Investment Speech

  • Discussion Panel on Indonesian Democracy

  • HFAC Chairman Edward Royce meets USINDO Legislative Partnership Participants

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VIEW THE VIDEO: Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

President Obama delivered remarks on development and leadership to 75 Southeast Asian leaders from the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative. He also responded to their questions. Topics included from U.S. relations with Southeast Asia, democracy, and discrimination.   (C-SPAN)


VIEW THE VIDEO: After 100 days, Indonesia’s President is tested but still goes to the people

CNN’s Christianne Amanpour talks to Joko Widodo

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) – It would be easy not to pay Joko Widodo a second glance as he rides his bike down a Jakarta boulevardwearing track pants and white sneakers.

USINDO Holds Highly Successful Conference On The Jokowi Administration

USINDO Holds Highly Successful Conference On “The Jokowi Administration: Prospects for Indonesia’s Economic Development, Democratic Governance, and International Engagement”.

CONFERENCE VIDEOS can be viewed here and 

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